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Storys little lolita bondage

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Related post: Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 09:35:45 -0700 nude girlz lolitas lola (PDT) From: Subject: pup nymphet lolita international sites chapter 4 russian lolita porn sites In the early dawn hours before the nudist little nymphet lolita sun rose the pup was wide awake his bladder was full and his guts near capacity he free underage lolitas videos need a restroom bad but did not want to wake the asshole up he was sound asleep still on the couch in alolita bbs nude preteen his football gear from the night before now that he was not tormenting the boy sparky finally got a good look at him and nude model toplist lola he thought private lolita top child "well for a kidnapping SOB he's actually very cute" sparky thought as he scanned the man from his shiny bald head stopped to see the neatly trimmed lolita models toplist underground salt and pepper goatee over which was a nose ring just like his but a lot bikini 14y o lolita smaller, next he looked down his massive chest stretching goth loli girls stripping the red under armor shirt to form a second skin almost he was entranced by his chest Moving up and down with his heavy breathing as he lolitas ls preteen pics slept. "what am I thinking this guy kidnapped me and forcible altered my body" of which sparky was just painfully been reminded as his cock tried to get hard in its preteen lolita gymnast underage metal tube this massive man may have been a kidnapped but deep down sparky art photography top lolita knew he was loving everything the man did to him. skinny lolita porm bbs Finally as the sun rose up and lolitas children models pics shined bright in the teen loli loli bbs windows of the room sparky could hold it no more deciding on wakening him gently he nudged him in the arm with his angel lola luv topless mitt covered hand "Sir, I need to use the rest room" he whispered in the man's ear sparkys lolita bbs models nn voice finally came back but with limited volume. The Master little loli pics nude stirred in his sleep still not awake sparky shook him gently trying to get his attention "Sir, pre teen lola little Sir, young female lolita pictures I lolita hot babe sex really have to go" he said to the Master again this time it worked and he was opening his eyes to the sight of his new puppy boys pleading eyes knowing full well what he pree teen loli models needed having on purpose not allowed him a chance to relieve bbs lolita 12 yr himself. russian nude lolita nymphet "hey sparky" the Master said with a grin scratching the dogs head "you sleep well lolita 18 y.o vicky boy?" he asked half joking knowing the boy would have been up all night with bladder and bowl pain. dark cry loli preteen preteen nude lolita pictuers "Yes Sir but I really have to piss and shit can you please let me go" sparky said with pleading eyes looking directly at the man storys little lolita bondage "Sparky you forget what you are now you're a dog and dogs don't get to use the restroom, they get to go out for walkies" the master said as he un-hooked the leash from the floor and tied up his own hard cock back into his amateur preteen lolita images padded pants. "Come on boy young nude lolita gallery time for your first loli 7yo free pics lesion in your new life" he said as his half walked half dragged the boy outside naked lolitas in nature to the little lolitas models bbs back yard. As they stepped outside sparky herd the door being shut and locked (god this guys paranoid) he thought as he family sex loli incest crawled little lolli models pics in front of the man what he saw took his breath away a very neatly groomed yard about two nn guide lolita model acres in size walled off by at least a six foot stone wall inside where areas of different equipment a ST.Andrews cross a fucking bench, whipping post and a few lollita underage pussy pictures empty wooden underaged lolita models nude frame with leather cuffs on each corner in the far corner he saw a smaller caged area with a large dog lolita slaves russian 12 house in the rear. The Master looked at his dog and saw what he was looking bookmark gateway ls lolitas at " that's underground jr lolita pics right boy I host get together here on the weekends big BBQ lots of bondage and SM that pre teengirl bbs loli area you see in the back is your privet space I built that years ago for just the nude lolita nymphet pictures right dog and that's you when I'm not in need or during a party you're not being used I'll stick you in there and your free to do as you please little angels lolicon bbs lolita links bbs galleries in that cage toplist preteen lolita banned no one but me has the key so no one will bother you." He told sparky as he walked him off to the side yard "this is your area to make boy you piss and shit in that hole it goes right to the septic system no flushing needed when go ahead and try it" he said to the dog. "come here pup" he snapped his fingers for sparky to sit in front of him "if you want to use it you have to come here so I can take off the plug" that was more than sparky needed to hear he sat in front of the Master ass in the air within a virgin lolitas chil bbs seconds of his statement ( thank god he's taking it out god knows how long I've had this plug in my ass is sore and numb) sparky thought as the Master reached down and in one form motion pulled the average size plug from sparkys rear with an audible sigh of relief from the boy "don't get preteen lolitas blue teens use to it doggy you will be wearing a plug at least nudism child lolita cute 20 hrs a day the only times it will be out is the twice a day I allow you to use it and whenever I paradise board lolita bbs want to use that hole of yours boy" the Master said putting the plug on a self above the open hole "now squat and do your business" Master said sparky had been in lolita preteen nude samples so much pain loli model feet pics he did not care if he was being watched he squatted low over the hole and with a loud explosion of gas he let his bowls go at the same young beauties loli bbs time pissing from the small hole at the head of his chastity belt he was in doggy heaven "hurry up boy I can't stay out here all day you have 5 mins to use it" he urged the pup on. preteen lolita kids sites When he was finished sparky did not know how or what models lolita pic 14y he was going to clean himself on "sir, how do I wipe" he asked still in a low voice. "Hmmm guess my doggy has to finish up "Come here doggie" the Master handmade gothic lolita book said in a friendly voice that took sparky by surprise. He was pointing to a strange object pointing out of the house at about the same height as sparkys ass "this is how good boys and dogs clean up after free lolita model sites they shit" he said pointing to the faucet type thing. He pushed with both hands on the sides near the free lolitas pay sites base of the 6" long metal tube a jet of water shot from the tip. "See boy now preteens lolitas young pussy turn around and back up on to it will turn on once you have gone down on it far enough" he said again in that friendly manor sparky did lolitas hardcore dark kids not have much choice so he did as he was anime young loli girl told and started to back his ass up onto samples teen lolitas free the nozzle it was cold and Rigged in his lolita gallery girls hot ass "it hurts Sir" sparky whispered stopping after going down 3 inches " come on boy it's the only way you can get clean if you don't I will have to punish you" sparky involuntarily shivered in fear and kept pushing finally reaching the trigger "GOOD BOY" the Master said scratching the dogs ears as sparky felt his guts fill with cold tap water. "I want you good and clean kds lolita love videos at all times pup so you must do this after each shit at least 3 time counting to two mins while the water fills you up" the Master said shy little lolitas stories in a fatherly tone while rubbing sparkys lol nudist bbs tgp full belly. little lol nude picture It took sparky free loli cp porn nearly 20mins to complete this as after the first enema he was reluctant to impale himself again so the Master in his best fatherly manor got him back on the machine not wanting to scar lolicon free nude pics the dog Master had a plan to make him truly loved by sparky get him to see everything's for a reason. As sparky was finishing teen bbs lolita portal up his last enema the masters phone rang with a start sparky had not seen or even herd one the whole time he was there. "Don't be scared sparks, it's just my phone" he showed pup as he answered it "hello Steve's dungeon and training" he said re attaching the pups lead "yes I do full survive training and breaking of boys, pups, and slaves." he said causally into the phone sparky listening to every word (at least I know his name now) sparky lolita teen top 100 thought starting to move along with the leash young preteen nn lolitas "hmmm well I'm in a training session right now this weekend I'm holding a get together at my place if you bring the boy around I'm sure I can help e will talk price then" Steve said before hanging up the phone," well pup I have to go out, and I can't trust you to be roaming around alone yet" Steve said leading sparky to the large play room half dragging half leading. He unlocked the door to the play area (ok I'm going to be out for most of the night what would he enjoy for around 12hrs) Steve thought deciding on the spanking bench but first he thought sparky needed a few things. Locking the leash to the middle bolt in the lolita daddy pay site floor Steve walked over and preteen nudism lolita boys brought back two arm fills of rubber leather and spandex gear for a man of his size it was a lot of stuff. Sparky tried to get free as he knew what was about to happen before Steve could say anything. nude young loli girl young lolitas teen pics "come here boy or you will be punished" Steve said as he pulled up a chair in front of the bolt and hot lolita tiny lolitas bent sparky over his knee taking out the tail plug and replacing it with a large stainless steel plug with wires at the end causing sparky to scream and moan in pain "easy boy it's all over it's in" nude lolita sex pics Steve said rubbing his pups round ass check. Next sparky was flipped pree lolitas nudes free over by the preteen lolitas, top lolitas strength of his master and was now belly up on his lap "let's get baby dorki little lolitas those lill tits of lolitas child 7y 12y yours free loli nudist pics wired up and you will be ready lolita preteen girl sex to russian lolita links nude get dressed" he told the dog rubbing his belly causing involuntary leg shaking. After securing large sticky electrodes to sparky tits and connected wires to the metal ball and chastity unit Steve used a piece of tape to tie the wires to sparkys leg handing him a pair of heavy duty spandex shorts "put these on pup and make sure the wires lolitas nude top sites go thru the leg" preteen lolitas nude gallery Steve said getting out the next item for sparky to wear. "Here dog put this on" he said shoving a one piece rubber cat suit. As sparky was managing the suite Master Steve walked behind leading the wires thru the back zip assuring they get thru. (God I hate him but all this gear is getting me fucking hot) sparky thought to himself standing there trying not to whimper from the pain he felt in his crotch his cock wanting so badly to be hard and touched. index of young lolitas "alright boy finally layer then I'll put you up for the night" Steve said picking up a leather muzzle locking it tight on sparkys head cutting off his ability to speak, "just lolita sex child sites a few locks and your almost set" Steve looks at sparky straight in the face with a grin that a proud papa would have given his son. The final layer of sparkys torment for the night was a complete leather body suite with black out hood and feet, hand coverings once sparky was inside the free videos little lolitas suite Steve made sure the wires where all thru the ass zip before securing his dog to the fuck bench for the hardcore lolita home collection night making sure he was fully restrained adding pad locks to the buckles feeling that his boy was good and safe he spoke to sparky thru the layers. "ok boy I have to go out for the night meet a few friends and get supplies for this weekend's party I'm sure you will be safe and happy here I have attached three different e-stem boxes to your wires one for each area so young lolita ls paysites you too young lolita gallery will be kept lolitas mpg pornostar italiana busy, I will set them all to random so you never know what is coming I hope free lolita preteen tgp you enjoy what's to come I know I will" Steve said walking out of the room hearing his dog whimper and moan thru the layers of bondage he will have to watch the tape (a moaning puppy is the hottest thing ever) he thought shutting the non nude loli girls door and locking it shut. Sparky moaned and groaned in pain and pleasure for hours that night not knowing where Steve was or when he would come back the stimulation of his ass and balls was making his little cock leak a steam of precum he could feel pooling under his balls. (When will this guy get back I'm going crazy) he thought the 12 hrs preteen loli chil galleries passed slow the power box was set to nude lolita angels top random on different settings for each set it was a very long night for him.
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